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AIT ArchtiekturSalon
architecture, desgin, urban planning

Bei den Mühren 70
20457 Hamburg
Tel: 707089815
Fax: 707089820

Comedy Pokal 2011
Hingehen – Lachen – Sieger machen!

Fire brigade history to touch

Friedrichsgraber Weg 290
22846 Norderstedt
Tel: 040 525 67 42
Fax: 040 525 65 40

The Fire Brigade Museum Schleswig-Holstein was first opened in 1990 in the centre of Norderstedt in a 200 year old rural estate. It is one of the largest fire brigade museums in Germany.
Galerie Commeter
Contemporary Art

20095 Hamburg
Tel: 326321
Fax: 321993

Galerie Mesaood Wred
International and contemporary art

Danziger Str. 36
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 0172/ 4 11 99 18

The gallery uses a monthly change to present exhibitions of painting, sculptures, experimental photography to new media
Hamburg by bike

Tel: 0178 640 18 00

Bike tours - to your individual taste. Dates and prices on request
Landgang St. Pauli
Where lives the king of St. Pauli ?

Hamburg-St. Pauli
Tel: 040 31 79 49 34
Fax: 040 319 38 56

Explore and expeirence the "Kiez". Tours in St. Pauli, for example -The scene of the crime...On the trail of St. Pauli bad boys -Red light and seafarers - stories and facts about the prostitutes and sailors -Workers in St. Pauli: The "Kiez" as neighbourhood and workplace -The "Kiez" in the cinema - St. Pauli as seen from the perspective of film locations and famous cinemas -St. Pauli as stage - theatre, cabaret, musicals - all on the "Kiez"
coffee and literature

Bogenstr. 5
Tel: 040 414 95 384

Readings, discussions, audience participation current programme to be found at
Mineralog. Museum
treasures from inside the world

Grindelallee 48
HH- Rotherbaum
Tel: 040 428382058

500 square metres exhibition space for chosen pieces from the world of crystal and precious and semi-precious stones and meteorites stones.
Niko Kazal

Lange Reihe 89
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 48 54 81

Whether a trannie or normal, this make-up artist can make you over and make you beautiful.
The Hamburg Wax museum

Spielbudenplatz 3
Hamburg - St. Pauli
Tel: 040 - 31 03 17
Fax: 040 - 51 29 63

Panoptikum in Hamburg is Germany's oldest and largest wax museum and presents historical figures in wonderful costumes. International celebrities and Hamburg stars. Be amazed and scared by the middle-ages. Goose bumps and St. Pauli flair included.
coffee, tea and other goods

St. Annenufer 2
Tel: 040-32 11 91
Fax: 040-32 13 50

In an historical warehouse dated 1896 you will find coffee sacks, tea chests and Kautschukballen. Between "Markttopf", "Handhaken", "Zuckerklatsche" and other exotic implements discover all about the "largest connected warehouse in the world", from the history of the construction, the waterways and to what the people in the quarter did. From sorting coffee beans to the Teeverkoster, despite the many changes that have occurred, in the warehouse quarter there are still things being stored, work and deals being made.
Stadt per Rad
sightseeing by bike

Tel: 040 29 888 743 oder 0179 7342854
Fax: 040 220 41 42

Discover the city by bike! Ride through the smaller streets in the inner city, Neustadt, St. Pauli, the fish market, harbour, Landungsbrücken, Altstadt, the warehouse district and St. Georg. See where Claas Stürebeker was beheaded, where smugglers have no chance, where the Pope published his autobiography and lots more.
Stattreisen Hamburg
Hamburg - link to your roots

on demand
Tel: 0049 40 430 34 81
Fax: 0049 430 74 29

A city walk on the traces of the emigrants Did you know that four million people left Hamburg between 1850 and 1925 for America? People with hope for a better future in the land of freedom, driven away by poverty, desperation or religious persecution! The tour agency Stattreisen Hamburg will show you many features of the city on the traces of the emigrants, such as the old docks, the waterfront of the river Elbe, traditional streets, their living quarters, the many canals and of course also the neighbourhoods in which they lived before they set off for their long journey across the ocean. There are many remnants from the old times in the same state as your ancestors saw and experienced them when they emigrated from Hamburg to the "New World". The emigrants originated mainly in Eastern Europe, but also from Southern Germany. Hamburg, the large port for the North Sea, was an important and impressive stop on their journey. In the year 1891 alone 144,000 emigrants left from Hamburg for a hopefully better future. Come with us to the historical places of your family history! Amongst many other things, we will show you the Deichstraüe, where 300 year old houses with storage lofts at the canal are preserved; the warehouse town in the free port, the same way as your ancestors experienced it; the waterfront with its wharfs from where boats left with many people in the uncomfortable space between the decks on the way to a new life. from US$ 95 per group (up to 25 persons)
Tut- Ausstellung
Tutanchamun- his tomb and treasury

Moorweidenstr. 34
Tel: 040 4104892,

Special offer: 2 nights for two persons in a double room incl. a gift box with two all over tickets for the exhibition, the catalogue and a souvenir. Hotel Fresena im Dammtorpalais. Package price total 262.-Euro NEW: Reservation for 1 night in a double room: 83.- Euro/Person incl. breakfast bufet Booking: or via phone (0)40 4104892
Wasserturm Lüneburg
Industrial Memorial water tower

Bei der Ratsmühle 19
21335 Lüneburg
Tel: 04131 - 789 59 19
Fax: 04131 - 789 59 29

The architect Franz Kröger built the water tower in 1906/7 - on the site of what was left of the Wallanlagen from the middle ages. The tower housed a fully-functioning waterworks. The neo-gothic facade is oriented on the stylistic features of the Lüneburg architecture. The tower was put out of use in 1985, plans to tear it down failed because of costs and shortly afterwards it was put under protection order. However it remained unused and became a ruin. Inspired by the Expo 2000 motto "People, Nature, Technology", the first ideas for the project water tower began in 1997. You can now visit the results of these ideas.
Falckenberg Sammlung
Contemporary Art

Wilstorferstr. 71 Tor 2
Tel: 040 - 3250.6762

A fabulous private collection of international contemporary art. Guided tours on saturday 3pm and 5pm
Galerie Borchardt
International contemporary Fine Art

Hopfensack 19
20457 Hamburg
Tel: 388988

Galerie Conradi
Contemporary Art

Schopenstehl 20
20095 Hamburg
Tel: 46966645
Fax: 46966474

Galerie R. Kammer
Contemporary Art and architecture

Münzplatz 11
20097 Hamburg
Tel: 232651
Fax: 231907

heliumcowboy art
Young contemporary art

Hachmannplatz 2
20099 Hamburg
Tel: 48408860

practical and contemporary ceramics

Danziger Str. 40
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 040/41 92 43 87

The gallery offers ever-changing exhibitions, not only in their speciality practical and contemporary ceramics, but also they offer programmes in painting, grafics and sculpture.
Spicy Gewürzmuseum
The only spice museum in the world

Am Sandtorkai 32
Tel: 36 79 89
Fax: 36 79 92

Smell, touch, try Experience over 800 exhibits from five centuries. Feel, taste over 50 different spices
Stadt Angeln
Welcome to the Angeln Countryside Museum!

Unewatter Str. 1 a
24977 Langballlig
Tel: 04636/1021
Fax: 04636/8226

The best way to describe this unusual museum project is as: A village with a museum and a museum with a village. Both elements are closely intertwined. Five "museum islands" await you in Unewatt. Whereas the Marxenhof Farm was moved to Unewatt, the Smokehause, the Butter Mill with its water wheel, the Fortuna Windmill and the Christesen Barn are build in Unewatt. The buildings are spread araound the village in various locations. Together they make up the Angeln Countryside Museum in Unewatt. The best way to see them is to leave your car in the car park and go for a stroll through the old village streets. Your visit will give you an interesting insight into what life in the country used to be like.
Tutanchamun- his tomb and treasury

Moorweidenstr. 34
Tel: 040 4104892
Fax: 040 45 66 89,

Special offer: 2 nights for two persons in a double room incl. a gift box with two all over tickets for the exhibition, the catalogue and a souvenir. Hotel Fresena im Dammtorpalais. Package price total 134.-Euro/person NEW package avavailable for one night in a double room for 83.- Euro/person incl. breakfast bufet for further information and reservation: or phone (0)40 41904892
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