Shopping in Hamburg
Clothes with personal names

Ifflandstr 67
HH- Hohenfelde
Tel: 040 23 49 39 19

"I want my pieces to last" says designer Anna Klebes. That is why her materials - particularly the top quality Swiss shirt material, English and Italian cotton, oiled, waxed, lined ith Teflon. Added to that the personal touch - the pleated skirt is "Georgette", the parka "Fokko".
Cordula Kühn
High quality leather goods

Schmilinskystr. 25
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 040 24 87 58 16 oder 0177 259 55 43

The shoe maker and designer makes particularly high-quality leather goods. Her current collection can be viewed in her small shop, or she will design individual pieces.
Lifestyle Trade Fair Hamburg

St. Petersburgerstr
Messe Hamburg

herbs and spices

Lange Reihe 70
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 040 24 93 56

A large selection of medicinal herbs and spices, an assortment of teas which have no artificial flavourings and dried fruits without sulfur additives.
Shop in shop: The Lagerhaus

Lange Reihe 21
Tel: 040/24 14 16

Diverse designers share a shop. The mixture of fashion, wine, glass and chinaware and gift articles, plus a bar, makes sure there are alwys a throng of customers.
mägde und knechte
A place of playfulness with german culture

Feldstraße 46
HH-St. Pauli
Tel: 040 43 02 114
Fax: 040 23 51 84 40

Mägde and Knechte works with taboos to problamize indicators of sovereignity and borderlines
mediterranean classics for your home

Lehmweg 10b
HH- Eimsbüttel
Tel: 040 420 11 00
Fax: 040 420 12 00

Years ago Octopus began to find furniture and accessories from the Mediterranean, Asia and Scandinavia for the womanüs magazine Brigitte. From that time on, the company makes nearly-forgotten individual pieces in small lots on the spot. Visit the showroom and let yourself be enchanted.
Xtra Art
Asian Antiques@Jewelry

Colonnaden 21
HH - Zentrum
Tel: 040 / 35 71 66 33

Atelier d-Light
unique lamps for unique people

Schmilinskystr. 32
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 040/43 18 47 31

Alexander Hastreiter uses diverse materials to make his lamps and lights, also sometimes Fundstücke, so that every piece is unique. For the small purse there are painted lightbulbs that throw out coloured patterns.
Handicraft from Europe

Eppendorfer Weg 231
Tel: 040 480 928 22
Fax: 040 480 928 24

fashion for city-girls

Lange Reihe 27
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 040 28 80 38 80
Fax: 040 69 66 99 96

Smart, wearable clothes with an individual touch and affordable prices.
Kunst und Handwerk
A house for art and craft

Koppel66/Lange Reihe 75
HH-St. Georg
Tel: 040/24 82 23 83

Beside Café Koppel and the Kunstforum GEDOK, you will find yourself in the former Maschinenfabrik 13. Workshops and studios where design, jewellery, graphic, painting, photography and fashion are made and presented.
Scooter+Motorcycle Show

Nuts& Pearls
jewlery like poems

Turnerstraße 10
HH - Karoviertel
Tel: 040 41 35 92 20

Chains and brooches at Nuts & Pearls are lovingly made by hand. You will find Individual pieces with names like "Love Poem No.4" here.
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